Sarcon TR Silicone Rubber

The best silicone rubber interposer for bonding Heat Seal Connectors is 0.45mm thick Sarcon TR silicone rubber. Sarcon TR silicone rubber is loaded with alumina which gives it excellent thermal conductivity. Use Sarcon TR for the best quality bonds and a shorter bond cycle. Elform stocks rolls of P/N 45T-36W and we sell it by the yard ($10/yard) or single 50 meter rolls. The minimum order for other sizes is 100 meters. The xxW portion of the part number is the width: 45T-30W is 30mm wide. The xxT portion of the part number is the thickness: 30T-36W is 0.30mm thick (one roll of this thinner material is 100 meters long).


Part Number up to 10 rolls
30T-36W CALL
45T-30W CALL
45T-36W $400.00
45T-38W CALL
45T-42W CALL
45T-52W CALL
45T-61W CALL
45T-85W CALL
45T-150W CALL

Please allow four weeks for delivery of sizes other than P/N 45T-36W.  We have a $100 minimum order policy.  Prices are F.O.B., Fallon, Nevada and terms of payment are net 30 days.