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Elform Heat Seal Connectors are manufactured by Yutek Tronic in a ISO-9001 certified factory and are used to connect glass flat panel displays to PC boards without solder or clamps.  Heat Seal Connectors have an integral conductive adhesive system and they are attached by hot bar bonding.  Elform Heat Seal Connectors are extremely flexible and can be hard creased without compromising their integrity.

Heat Seal Connectors are an application specific solution used in a variety of commercial, industrial, military and medical applications.  Examples include pagers, cellular phones, sonar fish finders, GPS receivers, avionics displays and tympanic thermometers.  Elform can help you design a Heat Seal Connector for displays ranging from plastic liquid crystal to glass plasma.

Elform provides a full range of technical support from the design process to production and we have an experienced engineering staff to help you to successfully implement Heat Seal Connectors in your product.  This web site contains the design guidelines and bonding parameters.  Call us to discuss your application today.